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Zazari Project Experience

I'm new. Where do I start?

To get a big-picture perspective of our purpose, start by clicking the “New to Zazari Project?” button on the home page. Explore the “About Us” page. Check out the free video library, read the up-coming book synopsis, visit the blog and puruse the first edition of Permutations Online Magazine.

Is Zazari Project just for medical personnel?

No. We invite inquisitive minds from any discipline who are interested in health and disease. While healers, practitioners of modern medicine and researchers in the medical sciences may be common participants, they are by no means the only ones. The type of thinking needed to break into a new future will likely come from outside the medical science and healing sphere.

Does Zazari Project strive to improve or fix healthcare?

No. Our take on healthcare is that it is a lost cause. Today’s healthcare systems are operating as well as they are ever going to with our current, limited knowledge of disease. The problems of access to care, sky-rocketing costs, and dwindling numbers of healthcare providers are a sign of ignorance about disease that not even infinite resources could fix. Zazari Project makes no attempt nor supports dialogue in effort to improve or expand existing healthcare services. While we seek to ultimately replace it with systems that heal, we applaud those who are passionate about helping others with available resources in the interim. Continued efforts to sustain and improve existing systems are essential until we produce the knowledge needed to overcome it.

Do I have the right knowledge or skills to participate?

If you are legitimately interested in collaborating with others to understand disease and create a better future for humanity, you are welcome to participate. This is about thinking differently, and key insights can come from anyone! Regardless of background, everyone is held to the standard of professional conduct and mutual respect. Learn more about the Rules of Engagement.

What is the most important attribute for members to have in this space?

Curiosity. If you love learning, intellectual challenges, solving puzzles and/or creative thinking, you will be at home here. There are many ways to express curiosity. Some prefer building theories, which benefits from considering a  wide breadth of interests, ideas, and keeping possibilities open. Others prefer building new instrumentation or devising experimental protocols, which comes from a deeper well of knowledge and experience. At it’s launch, Zazari Project only has a theoretical arm. We need viable theories before we can solve how to test them.

Is scientific or medical jargon used?

Ideally, no.  Minimizing jargon is essential to opening dialogue for outside insights. While it may happen given the nature of the subject matter, we strive for communication in the space between the silos of experts that currently divides knowledge.

Does this website provide medical advice?

Absolutely not. Do not make medical decisions based on anything you read on this website or affiliated products. Do not solicit or offer medical advice to or from members in affiliation with Zazari Project. Anyone doing so will have their membership terminated. Read the Disclaimer.

I know what really causes disease! Can I perpetuate my philosophy here?

This is not a forum to sell your opinion. Just like everyone else, you are probably mostly or totally wrong about disease. It’s a tough pill to swallow. If anyone understood disease reality, then the world wouldn’t be getting sicker. The purpose of this project is to find the pearls of reality whether they are buried in opinion or waiting to be discovered. Ultimately, we’ll take ideas a step further by testing them. How? We have to figure that out too. If you’re original ideas were accurate, they will survive this crucible of inquiry.

I'm an expert in my field. Is this project too foo-foo or simplistic for me?

Experts are double-edged swords. While your wealth of knowledge and perspective are valuable, they often trap you into thinking about problems in a certain way. Breaking out of your silo can be difficult. If you wish to stay in your silo, you may find the content of this website too foreign and not a good fit for you. If you are interested in trying to think differently, be kind to yourself and others and recognize that this is a process. It took the founder 5 years from recognizing the need to think differently to actually doing it.  You may be an expert in something, but we are all novices in tomorrow’s medicine. You have fewer answers than you think you do.

Why does Zazari Project use "dialogue" instead of "discussion?"

Dialogue and discussion are not the same thing. Dialogue is an exchange, a sharing of ideas and opinions. A discussion is an informal debate or investigation to find facts and reach a decision. A dialogue expands the conversation whereas a discussion contracts it. Dialogue seeks to create doors that open to new ideas whereas discussion seeks to close them. When in discovery mode, dialogue helps us escape the centuries-old debates that keep us trapped in old ways of thinking, but both have a place. Dialogue is essential to building theories, discussion is essential to developing experimental procedures when the time comes. At these early theoretical stages, we focus almost exclusively on creating dialogue.

What is the community like?

The community is built a foundation of professionalism and mutual respect. In addition to those critical qualities, interactions are shaped by four values: alchemist leadership, humility, diversity of thought and transparency.  The purpose is to promote a healthy, self-organizing, and creative forum engaged in theoretical dialogue to improve our understanding of disease. We invite anyone of any walk of life and value individual perspectives and insights.  We are seeking healing knowledge that benefits everyone.  Inciting or perpetuating personal or divisive agendas is not professional and will not be tolerated. Learn more in Rules of Engagement and About Us.

What resources are available?

At it’s inception, available resources include:

  • Home Page and About Us Page to expound on organizational purpose and direction.
  • Video Library to explore examples of thinking differently about specific and current topics in medical science and the healing arts.
  • Blog to compare thinking we used today compared that needed for tomorrow.
  • Book Feature to promote upcoming publication that presents a reintepretation of why systems today fail and why we cannot heal disease.
  • Speaking Services tailored by request.
  • Forum & Community coming soon!
What's the best way to learn about why healthcare fails today?

The video library and the upcoming book Why Medicine Can’t Cure Disease are the main avenues to understand why health and disease care fails today.  Both resources focus on chronic disease and the global failure to combat it worldwide. The videos provide short insights into real-time topics, organized by category. The book provides and in-depth exploration of why our current belief systems fail to produce the healing everyone craves and gives structure to thinking about the problems differently.

What's the best way to see old problems in medicine in a different way?

Permutations Online Magazine, the blog and video library provide different approaches to seeing old problems in medicine in a new light. Each edition of Permutations provides insights with a themed approach to infuse ideas and thinking strategies from other disciplines. The blog compares the thinking of today versus that needed for tomorrow. The Surfing the Current Paradigm videos illustrate how common resources fuel the confusion rather than add to the understanding of disease.

What's the best way to learn to think creatively about disease?

Thinking creatively is a fairly foreign concept in medicine. The theoretical component has been dead for at least a century and many people are trapped in the processes of doing something about disease. While further resources are slated to teach creative thinking in medicine, the best way to learn is to start by asking “what if?” and practice putting ideas into the forum when available. If you feel foolish or wonder if others will question your credibility, then you’re probably doing it right.

Are you trying to sell me anything?

Yes and no. Our main proposition is to sell that a superior future is possible. While our vision and motivation is altruistic, there is a reality that this is a business. To date, this project is personally financed by the founder and has been a tremendous labor of love and sacrifice. Earnings from memberships, book sales and speaking engagements will be used to grow the organization, expand outreach and ultimately contribute to an experimental arm to test theoretical ideas resulting forum dialogue. It is the founder’s intent to be as transparent as reasonably possible to fuel efforts to realize a new vision of future of medicine.

What's the best way to get involved even if I feel under-qualified?

Sign up for a membership and go for it.  No one is an “expert” in the future of medicine. We are all learners. Everyone is under-qualified if you want to look at it that way.

How do the memberships work?

Currently, only the basic membership is available. This provides free access to the basic blog and Permutations Online magazine first edition in addition to public website resources. As more services come online, the pro level will become available with a paid subscription. Click the button below to learn more about membership.

Will Zazari Project share or sell my information?

Never. View our Privacy Policy.

Will Zazari Project flood my email inbox with communications?

No. A monthly newsletter is intended but not yet developed. Our intent is to tailor communications based on member preferences, but also recognizes that communication is an essential ingredient to Zazari Project’s success.

Medical Advice Disclaimer


The information, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images and other materials contained on this website are for informational purposes only. No material on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physcian or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen, and never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.


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