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Why is this a membership site?

The purpose of Zazari Project is to build a community with a shared vision that is comprised of members, not passers-by. Establishing a community is essential because it seems impossible to teach the general public how to think differently about disease or engage them in reinterpreting why healthcare fails.  Signing up for a membership, free or pro, demonstrates your motivation to be part of an organization that strives for innovation rather than settles for the adversarial hype of conflicting opinions. Membership makes you part of a special lifeworld, where open communication and the evolution of ideas can overcome centuries of stalled thinking.

Restricting access to members-only is a protective measure for Zazari Project and its teams. We discuss difficult and complex issues and do not shy away from controversial subjects. Our dialogue is highly contextual, involves thought experiments, and intellectually challenges commonly held beliefs in the spirit of discovery.  By forming a membership site, we intend to protect contributors, reduce “drive-by misunderstandings” and dissuade those who perpetuate media hype based on snippets of information taken out of context.

Does membership also serve as a weed-out factor? Yes. If the vision, mission and intent of Zazari Project don’t overcome the inconvenience of becoming a member, then maybe this isn’t the best environment for you.

Five Perks of Membership

1. Community

Be part of a fellowship of inquisitive minds where your insights contribute to the emergence of new kind of wisdom. Step into a space where individuals are valued for thinking independently rather than their ability to follow regulations and procedures.

2. Trust

Learn the value of celebrating failure. Everyone will fail. It is an essential part of the discovery process where creative expression is up against ultimate uncertainty. Trust emerges when we anticipate failure, support each other through it, and recognize that each failure moves us one step closer to the vision.

3. Value

People who can change the world are busy doing other things. Zazari Project values your time and insight, so we have created an environment adaptable to your interests. We go to extraordinary lengths to build and maintain high-value resources that engage members.

4. Exclusive Materials

Gain access to materials designed to generate thought leaders at the front edge of an intellectual revolution. Tomorrow’s healing geniuses are out there. If you are one of them, our resources may help you discover that.

5. Convenience

Ideas are infectious. Once one has you in its grips, it follows you everywhere. Zazari Project goes with you on any device so you can share ideas on the spot. Time lost in scrolling on social media can be reclaimed by the exciting conversations of discovery.


Developing today’s creatives into tomorrow’s paradigm shifters and healing geniuses.

I’m proud to be part of the healing traditions. My intent is not to criticize healing beliefs of the past or present.  Past victories have done much many, but they will not be the source of future victories in global health.  It’s not what we don’t know that’s holding us back, but what we don’t know that we don’t know that is. Let’s get to work.

Charlotte Appleton

Founder, Zazari Project

When Charlotte and I met in 2008, we recognized that we shared many interests. But the most evident two were: imagination, not limited by currently accepted paradigms, and an intense curiosity about nearly everything. Even though our education and career backgrounds were diverse, our visions were complimentary. 

After 14 years of thought experiments and exploring new concepts, we knew we needed fresh ideas. So she formed the Zazari Project to find innovative thinkers and invite them to join us. Changing the way we look at modern medicine, disease and the mosaic of complex systems that surround them is the key to a healthy future. A daunting task indeed, but not impossible. 

I am honored to be a part of the Zazari Project. I hope you will join us. 

Stephen E. Best, LLF

Co-Founder, Zazari Project

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