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by | Mar 22, 2023 | Useful Info

In this sampling of Zazari Project’s unique blog, we explore perplexing health and disease issues using a relaxed, coffee-shop tone. Topics and stylistic presentations are broad and may include observations, experiences, philosophy, exploration of paradoxes and oddities, or even fictional poetry and prose that aren’t medical per se but invite reflection and new questions from the periphery.

The articles are not purely didactic. Instead, they thoughtfully follow ideas about health and disease where they go. They turn ideas around to offer new perspectives for creative, futuristic and honest consideration. They uncover new lines of inquiry, spark dialogue, provide interesting fodder for reflection, and invite new ways of thinking about health and disease. They do many things, but they do nothing without inquisitive minds like yours.

Often articles do not address what we think about disease, but how we think about disease. This approach tackles beliefs and assumptions that often have been adopted uncritically. What happens when you consider that your beliefs may be limiting, and consider why this is so? You kick open a door to a world of discovery. However, it may take a little practice to be able to see it.  Remember, if something is right or accurate, it will stay so when viewed differently.

Finally, the Basic Blog is a sampling of articles available with a Basic Membership. The Pro Blog will become available when the forum and community are launched. Although the option to comment is disabled for the Basic Blog, the Pro Blog invites commentary and ultimately opportunities for other authors to post.


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